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Since establishment in 1993, INTEPOWER has been a leader for providing world-class portable batteries with a reputation for high performance and reliability. With over twenty years of sales and production experience, INTEPOWER is positioned as a current market leader and will continue to be a future driver in the battery industry as new process and technology matures. All of the standard lead batteries are manufactured with virgin lead, carry an 18-month material workmanship warranty and are manufactured to UL and CE standards. Corporate offices, plate manufacturing and assembly are located centrally in Wuhan and Yingde, China.

INTEPOWER offers a full range of 2V, 4V, 6V and 12V batteries from VRLA (Value Regulated Lead Acid) batteries, pure lead spiral batteries to Lithium and Lithium-ion batteries. Applications of these batteries are used across all industries including UPS, solar, security, medical, automotive and telecom. INTEPOWER products have been approved and tested by Emerson (China, India) and APC (India) for their requirements of larger 12V100Ah to 12V200Ah range telecom and UPS batteries.

INTEPOWER CANADA’s current distribution facilities are in place to meet OEM and Distribution requirements. We are currently supplying OEM manufacturers product via factory direct container (private brand optional) and from local inventories. Current market segments are emergency lighting, security, fire-alarm, UPS and wheelchair applications. OEM manufacturer products, submitted with VCell Batteries, have met CSA and UL Standards both in Canada and USA.

With our expertise in the battery industry and our high performance standards, we have managed to create extensive, global partnerships with OEM’s, manufacturers and distributors. We welcome new opportunities for all market segments.


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